Promising Health Inc. specializes in custom manufacturing and packaging services for the nutritional supplement industry.

Manufacturing Services:

  • Encapsulating (hard gelatin and vegetable capsules).
  • Tableting
  • Powder blending
  • We can process your own raw materials or supply you from our own extensive domestic and international sources.
  • Custom formulations

Packaging Services:

  • Complete packaging of capsules, tablets and powders into bottles.
  • Application of labels, lot number, expiration date, security seal under the cap, and an additional security seal around the bottle neck.
  • Blister-packs
  • We can supply various size bottles and caps, and assist in label design and printing.

The first step in the manufacturing process is product formulation. In some cases our customers have existing formulations, other customers will only have a product concept. Either way, our knowledgeable staff will ensure the product is formulated to enable the production of a high quality product that meets regulatory approval.

We are sensitive to the needs of our customers in the Nutraceutical industry and where it is possible, Promising Health will formulate the product to avoid the use of fillers and excipients. Where excipients are required we only use minimal amounts and an emphasis is placed on keeping the product as "natural" as possible using vegetable source raw materials.

Once received, raw materials are immediately placed in Quarantine. Promising Health's Quality Control department will then sample the material to ensure it meets specification. A number of tests are conducted on the material either at our facility or a 3rd party lab to confirm identity, potency, and purity. Once confirmed that the material meets specification, it is released for use.

Dispensing and Blending
The individual ingredients for a formulation are weighed on our precision scales, which are calibrated regularly to ensure accuracy. The ingredients are then blended in our V-type Blender or Ribbon Blender. Strict guidelines which are set forth in our SOP's ensure an even and consistent blend.

Promising Health's precision encapsulation machines are capable of handling capsule sizes "00", "0", "1", "2", and "3". We utilize high speed fully automatic encapsulation machines and semi-automatic machines. This allows us the flexiblity for large and small production runs and allows us to work with "difficult" raw materials. We offer standard gelatin capsules, bovine capsules, porcine capsules, kosher capsules and vegetable based capsules. Most Nutritional Supplements utilize clear capsules, however, various coloured capsules are available, along with capsule printing.

Promising Health offers a variety of different size tablets and caplets. If you have a unique shape or require tablet branding we can obtain the appropriate tooling. Tablets produced by Promising Health are formulated to meet the hardness, texture, colour, and disintegration needs of our customers.

A variety of distinctive packaging options are available from Promising Health. Numerous container shapes, sizes, and colours are available along with a variety of caps. We can offer child resistant caps, induction seals, desiccants and security neck bands. Bottles can be shrink wrapped in bundles of 4, 6, or to your specific requirements. Custom boxes are also available.

In-Process Testing
In all production steps In-Process quality control tests are conducted by Promising Health to ensure the products are continually being manufactured or packaged to the required specifications. When encapsulating, fill weights are constantly being checked to ensure the proper dosage is being met. Tablets are constantly checked for weight, hardness, thickness and appearance. Checks are also made to ensure the disintegration and friability are within specification. During the packaging operation fill accuracy, bottle seals, labels, lot numbers and expiration dates are constantly monitored and verified.

Finished Product Testing
Upon completion, products are put through Finished Product Testing to ensure they meet specification. This may include Assay testing, tests for Micro, Heavy Metals, Pesticides and Solvent Residues. Once our QC department confirms the product meets specifications it is released for sale.

Regulatory Approval
We can submit Product Licence Applications to Health Canada for NPN's.